Before you start renovating your home, it’s important to understand the fundamentals to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that you may regret later. Space planning is an important process which helps to reduce the occurrence of these mistakes. Whether it is a living room design, or room renovation, proper space planning can go a long way in making sure that an area is tastefully and beautifully designed.

Knowledge of furniture sizes, space allowances, height and width of the room, all these information can come in handy to help you design the perfect space. For homeowners, this can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Take living room design for example. You should take into consideration things like how long your sofa should be, how big your coffee table needs to be, and whether there is still sufficient space to move about comfortably.

This is where we come in. The LOME Interior team is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to help you plan your space perfectly. Having designed thousands of condos over the years, we will be able to advise you on the best approaches to design every space in your home, so that you cannot wait to come back home every day!

Creating dream interiors are what we do best.
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